Content creator

At WeShare3D we believe that your own content is something you can be proud of. And something you are proud of is something you should be able to share with the world. But on your own terms.

Because of this we believe that you, as the content creator, are the one who can best determine what your content should cost. You know the effort it took, the hours of work, the cups of coffee, and everything.

So that is why you, as a content creator, can determine the price that your content should cost. Maybe you want everyone to see it, share it and use it, or maybe you want it to be exclusive for a certain audience?


But there is more, to make sure everyone knows what they can buy and to motivate people into buying your content, you can also post watermarked videos for free. Through this video you can collect likes and share your good content faster with the world.


At WeShare3D we are not depending on the margins made from the content, but to support the platform, the purchase process and the content quality we hold a little margin out of every paid content downloaded. This margin is already in the price of every video.